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er 16-17 APEC summ▓

it in Chile.Please scan the QR Code to follow u▓s on InstagramPleas

te of▓ 1.9 percent in the third qu▓arter of the year, slightly lower th▓an the 2-percent growth rate i▓n the second quar▓ter, the Commerce Department reported earlier on Wednesday. This marks a further deceleratio▓n from the f▓irst quarter's 3.1 percent ▓growth rate.Persona▓l consumption expenditures, which account for more than two thirds ▓of the overall economy, ▓grew at an annual▓ rate of 2.9 percent in the third quarter, lower than the 4.6 percent growth▓ pace in the second▓ quarter. Non▓residential▓ fixed investment, ▓meanwhile, fell at an annual ▓rate of 3 percent in the third▓ quarter, foll▓owing a con▓traction of 1 percent in the previous quarter.Two members of the ▓10-person co▓mmittee vo▓ted against the decision to cut rates. Federal Res▓erve Bank of Bosto▓n President Eri

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  • nterest rate▓s by 25
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nomic growth

▓, the central bank's third rate cut this

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r George "pref▓erred" to maintain ▓the target ran▓ge for the federa▓l funds rate at the previous level.Plea▓se scan the QR

ket Committee (FOM

Code▓ to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to fol▓low us on Wecha▓tChinese a▓mbassador to the United Nations Zh▓ang Jun on Tuesday ▓told t

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rate-▓setting body,

he U.S. ▓and other Western countries to▓ stop interfering in China's domestic affa▓irs after they accused China of mistreating p▓eople of Uygur ethn

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arget for ▓the fede

ic group in Xinjiang.China refutes U.▓S. criticism over Xinjiang at the UNChina refu▓tes U.S. criticism▓ over Xinjiang at the UN10-31-2019 09:51 BJTC

ral fu▓nds rate

to a range ▓of 1.5

hi▓nese ambassador to▓ the United Nation▓s Zhang Jun on Tuesday told the U.S. and oth▓er Western ▓countries to stop interfering in China's domes▓tic a

percent to 1.

75 percent after c

ffairs▓ after they accused China of mistreating people of Uygur ethnic group in Xinjiang.The U.S., Brit▓ain and 21 other states criticized China a

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two-day polic▓y mee

t a UN▓ meeting for set▓ting up vocational centers in Xinj▓iang, saying local governments were detaining people from the ethnic group.▓ Describin

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